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Helpful Campaign Creation Tips

Here you will find helpful tips on how to create a successful campaign!


Successful Crowdfunding requires the campaigner to utilize his/her own resources and networks. To begin creating your successful crowdfunding campaign, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click Create A Campaign

Step 2: Create an account with easily accessible e-mail.

Step 3: In the "Name your campaign", name yourself with the format "First name, Last initial". For example, if your name is "John Smith" your campaign name would be "John S.".
(*this keeps your name private and helps protect your privacy rights*)

Step 4: In the "About your campaign" textbox, fill out you information with this format:

       ABOUT ME
      • Briefly DESCRIBE yourself and who you are. PERSONALIZE your campaign and include any interesting facts to gain the most donations. (1-2 paragraphs)
       MY STORY
      • Briefly DESCRIBE your story. HOW were you diagnosed? HOW has it effected or changed your life? WHAT have you previously done to get better? (1-3 paragraphs)
       MY PLAN
      • HOW will you use the donated funds? HOW will these funds/treatments change your life for the better? (1-2 paragraphs)
Step 5: Fill in "badge summary", this is a brief summary of the most interesting part of your "about your campaign" textbox. This badge box will show up under your name and picture on the funding homepage. This serves to captivate your audience, so that they click on your campaign. TIP: use the visually attractive formatting such as all capital letters to accentuate key words and phrases.

Step 6: Choose the category of your disease and click all that apply. Click other if not listed and email with the information about your disease so we can add yours to the category list.

Step 7: Upload a captivating picture and/or video of yourself.

Step 8: Insert fundraising goal; suggested between $3,000-$10,000 based on your services requirements.

Step 9: Broadcast Your Campaign - It is CRITICAL to realize social media is the most effective way to gain publicity and funding. Market your campaign on all your active social media accounts for the best results.
Successful Nutrition Heals Campaign - Created by Matt Tooman, he followed the three essential format steps. His campaign can be viewed here:
Crowdfund HQ Blog - Provides great articles on how to create a successful campaign. These articles can be accessed through the following links:

We hope this page will help you create an informative and successful campaign. Any further inquiries can be directed to

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